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Second Day Trip April 3 Tokyo

tsukiji honganji temple

I woke up about 3.30 AM after checking my camera and wore my jacket I left of the hotel the road still empty only 1-2 cars on the street. I crossed the street and walked through unopened stop to tsukiji fish market.on the way I met 2 tourist who also went to to see the auction.we passed other tourists who seem have been from the auction they said it have been closed.it make us thinking again if it is worth to still go to the auction if that had been closed but I told to my friends if I want to still go there and see it directly.
They agree and we continue walk about 10 minute later we arrived at at auction Place it is a big building curved shape.we saw truck went in and out the building but like tourists who met before said when we asked the the staff who stood in gate he said the auction has closed since 3.00 AM well it means my early woke in the morning is useless.after we many more tourists came and asked the same question to the staff he explained to avoid the risks in auction (because many big trucks and trolly and workers involved) and actually not suitable place for taking photo without disturb the workers,Tsukiji Fish market administration only give a few tourist chance to be in auction area.2015 is the last year this market in here.they have planned to move the auction site to another location which is bigger and can more accommodate to whole process.

tsukiji honganji temple
I left the the auction site and deciced back to my hotel for took a rest again and back to the market later.at 8.00 AM I checked out and left the the hotel the first place I visited was tsukiji honganji temple which located just behind the hotel area. I took the photos of statue of a monk wearing his cap,sakura tree and a plaque between two sakura tree in temple ground.in my opinion the architecture of Tsukuji Honganji temple is very unique totally different with other temple in Japan example like this temple are made from brick not wood like mostly Japan temple.the roof greatly is influenced by India culture rather than Japanese.I walked up the stair and entered the Temple room main hall.in this room I saw few people did morning praying right in the centre hall there is Buddha statue and in left side we can find a big drum which is painted with dragon and bird motif .after took some photos I left this temple.

Different when I walked at 4.00 AM to Tsukiji auction and now at 9.00 AM the road was busy with bus,cars and people who walk to their school and work place.i see morning market in my way to tsukiji fish market because I have failed saw the auction now I  don’t want miss eating susi at Tsukiji fish market in the area many susi restaurant but the most famous restaurant is Sushidai the que for that restaurant is very long.people must be patient to wait their turn and the price also expensive but I think the taste of sushi can answer if that is worth.

From Tsukiji Fish market I took train to Asakusa Station for  this route I can’t using my JR pass I have to buy ticket again for this line the train company is Tokyo metro hibiya line and toei subway asakusa line exit from the station I walked to the street.in the way to the temple I saw rickshaw driver waiting the tourist along the street.usually in Indonesia we only see rikchsaw driver are man but in Japan also woman take the job.they are wearing black or white clothes with kanji word and hat it look like people in shogun era hundred year ago and of course the rikchsaw itself.for tourist who want to experience riding rikchsaw they can go around the city using it the price begin from 2000 Yen depend on how many passenger and how long the trip.

Asakusa sensoji temple is very crowded with people that day after pass the red gate we entered temple area in left and side on the road to main temple we can see many shops which sell Japan traditional Food,Kimono,Souvenir.there are some building in side of the street but we only can took photos from outside.closer to the temple in the left side a 5 tiered red pagoda standing went to the main temple people burn incense and praying for better life and throwing coins for alm.about 30 miute I in sensoji and continue to ueno park.

Ueno park is a big park there are temple,museum,statue of important figure and pagoda in this area the first I met is statue of generala Saigo No Kitamori standing with his dog his right side.he is well respected general for Meji restoration under his leadership Japan Imperial army can defeat Shogunate forces in the battle at Tokyo.

moved again there is a monument with title tomb of Shogitai warrior.who is shogitai warrior? Surprisingly Shogitai warrior is a forces from Shogunate who fought against Meiji forces in the battle of ueno around here in May 15,1868.that was a big battle many casualties from both side this battle cost most of Shogitai warrior lives.one of Shogitai warrior member who survived the battle named Okisato Ogawa plead the Meiji Government to be allowed buried bodies of his fellow comrades in this place and this was granted in 1874.now we can se a monument for them in this park.

After that I visited another building named kiyomizu kanondo which I remember there is a tree with red leaves standing in front of the building.from this building we can see the beautiful view around the park.
Going down follow the path pass the garden I met another red temple I don,t know name the temple but this temple quite spacious there are some wooden building and fox statues around here. compared with other places in ueno park this place is more quiet with tourist.
Still in the park I met a statue of a prince riding horse in the plaque it is written his name is Prince Komatsunominya Akihito he is the first president of Japanese red cross and with his support Red cross grow in Japan

From here I walked through sakura tress and saw the black tiered pagoda along the way there are food stall where people enjoyed their food.and now I visited the main shrine in ueno park named Toshogu shrine.this is beautiful temple with golden volour of the building make it shining when hit by sun light.

After visited this temple actually I ma planned to go to Meiji Shrine directly but when I on the way to train station I saw dfashion show from the girls wearing kimono at the stage in the centre of the park ground.many tourists and photographers around the stage and took the photos of the event.i arrived in the middle of event.
From here I intended go to to Meiji Shrine the last place I am planned to visited this day on the way go to the train station I passed a spacious ground there is kind of bazaar I took my time to see what their sell.same like other bazaar food,cosmetics,drink and Japanese beer in the centre I see many tourist gathered so I looked up.that day there was kimono show which performed by Japan girls.many photographer and tourist took their photos after the show finished tourist took their photo with the girls including me

Exit from train station and crossed a stone bridge i passed the wooden tori gate as the entrance to the temple complex.meiji shrine is important shrine in Japan and must be visited if you in Tokyo in this shrine Emperor Meiji and Empress Shotoku rested.like we know from history books Empress Meiji is the emperor who ending tokugawa shogunate who has ruled japan 260 year.in this era Japan who was known as hermit kingdom like korea began open their country to western word in Meiji era many Japanese young men send to USA,Inggris,Germany and other Europe countries to studied science and military no wonder before the beginning of 20th century Japan has known as industrialist nation.
The atmosphere in this temple complex is very pleasant with high tree cover the sun during our way to the main temple I saw barrel of wine.there museum which collects thing from Meiji era but unfortunately it was not opened that day .around main temple people praying and took the photos

About 20 minutes in here I took the train again now to shibuya station there two object tourist in here Hachiko statue and shibuya crossing.for Hachiko statue right after exit from station we can find   hachiko statue.hachiko is the story of everlasting love of a dog name Hachiko who is belong to a professor.everday the professor will walked with hachiko from his house to train station at the train station the professor will took the train to the university the place where he gave study and hachiko will back to the house at the time when the train bring the professor back hachiko has waited the professor at station this happened years.when the professor died of illness hachiko kept came to the station at time the professor back from the university.people moved by the loyalty of hachiko when hachiko died people build  a statue to respect Hachiko love and loayalty to the professor.tourists and local took photos with hachiko or just sat around here.

about 5.30 PM I went to  mall where there is a starbuck coffe at second floor. I chose this place with 2 reason 1.need a little cafein to keep me focus and 2.the most important I want to see shibuya crossing.after bought a cup of Starbucks I went up.and like I guessed before it have been occupied by other tourist who also want to see Shibuya crosiing.the good time to see shibuya crossing is before the night turn into dark.Shibuya is one of the busiest area in Tokyo people hang out in mall,Department store around this area.
Before I went to the hotel I visited Big camera store one of electronic shop centre in Japan in this shop I bought Japan Card for internet the for tourist the price with instatllation is 4000 yen I got 2 GB data for 2 month data enough for browsing and ccheck my email.
My hotel for today is Fukudaya Hotel
Adress : 4-5-9 Aobadai,Meguro-Ku,Shibuya,Tokyo,Japan 153-0042
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