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Japan Trip April 2-22,2015 : Tokyo First Day April 2

Brief Introduction
Tokyo is the biggest and the capital of  Japan this is where The Emperor and Royal family lives in Tokyo Imperial palace and the seat of Government since 1863 when Emperor Meiji moved the capital from Kyoto to here.
Tokyo is most populated than other cities in Japan so if you too train in busy time you will find train full of people.tokyo full of entertainment there are café for Gundam lover,Maid Café,ninja Café and pub and bar.but hotel and guesthouse prices in Tokyo is higher than other cities also with the food.
Tokyo have 2 international airport Haneda and Narita from the airport you can take Taxi which will cost you much or took train which cheaper I took train from Haneda airport it cost me 560 yen.
Haneda International Airport terminal 1 –take Keikyu main/airport line rapid ltd Exp for Narita Airport Terminal 1 for 12 min to shinagawa train station ticket fare 410 yen-at Shinagawa Train Station transfer to other train Ltd Exp 1
From Tokyo Train station I go to Tokyo Imperial palace This is the place where emperor of Japan begin from Emperor Meiji,continued to Emperor Hirohito and now Emperor Akuhito with their families lives.this paace is so big but tourists only can some part of it.not all area open for tourist.we have to register from far day to get permission to enter Imperial palace ground.
I and other tourists were guided by tour guide from imperial palace passed main gate first than entered imperial garden where we saw a castle and sakura flower and the last we passed nihombashi bridge
How to get there
Just walk about 10-15 minute we will arrive at Tokyo Imperial palace

2.Zojoji Temple

This is Jodo sect Temple and belong to Tokugawa Family behind this temple standing Tokyo Tower
This is Jodo sect Temple and belong to Tokugawa Family
behind this temple standing Tokyo Tower
From Tokyo Imperial palace I went to Zojoji Temple this is family temple of Tokugawa Leyasu the founder of Tokugawa Shogunate in 15 century.actully this is the head temple of Jodo sect of Budhism in Kanto region.right in back of the temple standing Tokyo tower.
How to get there
Tokyo station-take Jr.Yamanote Line(outer loop ) for Osaki to Hamamatsucho Train Station Ticket fare 160 yen for 6 minute-take a walk about 10-15 minute
This Temple is the resting place for 47 Ronin
This Temple is the resting place for 47 Ronin
From Zojoji Temple I took train to Sengakuji Temple for people who have seen the movie title 47 ronin this is the temple where tourists can visit and gave respect to 47 ronins graves who sacrifice theirself for their master who killed by other lord.
How to get there
Hamamatsucho-Shinagawa by Jr.Yamanote Line(outer loop ) for Osaki ticket fare 160 yen for 6 minute-then took another train name Keikyumain/airport line ltd exp for inzamakinohara ticket fare 140 yen for 2 minute just walk by foot about 5 minute I arrived at sengakuji temple
4.kabuki ginza theatre
Kabuki is Japanese Traditional Drama
Kabuki is Japanese Traditional Drama
From Senagkuji I took train to Kabuki Theatre which located in Ginza area.Kabuki is a Japan Traditional performance
Ginza 4-12-15,chuo-ku,Tokyo,Japan
Phone : +81(0)3-3545-6800
How to get there
Sengakuji-by Toei Subway Asakusa Line for Keisei-Takasago train ticket fare 220 Yen in 8 minute will arrive at Higashi Ginza Station.take exit no 3 and we will at Kabukiza Theatre
I stayed at Business Hotel Bon
3-17-10 Tsukiji,Chuo-Ku,Ginza/Shinbashi/Tsukiji,Tokyo Japan
Hotel Phone number : +0081335438411
How to get there
From Higashi Ginza Station- I took Tokyo metro Hibiya Line for Minami Senju ticket fare 170 yen for 2 minute and arrived at Tsukiji Station from here I walked about 10 minute and got to the hotel