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Japan Trip April 2-22,2015 Takayama Second Day


Places Of Interset

1.Miyagawa Morning Market


This is another morning market beside Jinya Morning market.Miyagama Morning market has more seller rather than in Jinya.


  1. Old Town


In this are we can see sake breweries Factory,museum,Shops and restaurants in Japan Traditional house dating back from (1600-1868)


3.Hachiman Shrine


Sakurayama Hachimangu shrine is very old temple there is alegend about this temple existence in Emperor nintoku era (413-439) there were a monster who terrorised the land it has 2 heads 4 arms and 4 legs.to save the people The Emperor ordered Prince Takefurukuma-no-mikoto to kill the monster.before the prince went to face the monster he enshrined Emperor Ojin in this place as deity.and he successfully defeated the monster.

In 1683 lord kanamori enlarged this temple as Temple protection for the city.


4.Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall


Close with Hachiman shrine we can see a museum which collects the floats which will pulled on the street by locals here.not all floats are displayed here some floats are stored in Yatai Gura  special thickwalled storehouses with very tall doors, which can be seen in various districts of the town.


5.Sakurayama Nikkokan


A smaller museum next to Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall is called Nikkokukan in this museum we can see One-tenth scale replica of Nikko-Toshogu Shrine. It took 15 years to make this, master work around the Taisho era (1912-1925), and 33 skillful carpenters were engaged in. It contains of 28 buildings, Main shirine, Worship Hall, Five storied pagoda and so on. This replica had been shown in various parts of the United States after the war, and when Aoi haku (the exposition in Okazaki) was held in 1990, this replica had been shown in Japan 30 years later.

And after that, by owner’s will, this replica is stored in this shirine eternally


6.Hie jinja Shrine


This is a Shinto temple and stand on Shiroyama hill having been moved from Katano area in 1586 the closing festival Held here