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Japan Solo Trip First Day Trip Tokyo

Imperial Palace Garden

On April 1 I left Jakarta to Haneda-tokyo transit in Kualalumpur, Malaysia by Air Asia.
I arrived at Henada Airport –Tokyo about 8.40 AM there was 2 hour difference time between Jakarta and Tokyo
Like when go to other countries on plane we have been distributed paper to fill in after landed we and all passengers rushed to que in iimigration line that day the airport was so busy many tourists and flight arrive at Tokyo today I am sure it is cherry blossom charm which attract them.
After finished all the procudere I passed the immigration.my priority is two first change my JR Pass in JR office and buy Japan SIM card.i choose change my JR Pass first the que quite long it need almost 1 hour to can get my JR pass active.
In airport we can buy Japan SIM cards, many providers sell the cards like DoComo,Soft Bank as comparision buy Japan SIM card valid for 15 days costs about 4000 yen with internet package but if we buy SIM card for tourist but only can be used for internet the price is cheaper only 4000 yen and valid for 2 months I chose to buy the SIM card after I have arrived in Tokyo so after activated my JR pass I went to Haneda Train station and took the train to Tokyo station.

From Haneda Airport terminal No 1 I took LTD Narita Express No.1 and arrived at Tokyo train station arrived at 1 PM
From the station just walked 10 minute I have arrived at Japan Imperial palace area that day even at the noon the tempeture quite cold people wearing thick jacket.
Like I have been worried before went to Japan is language barrier when the first time I wait the train I asked some locals about the time departure of train they are very helpful and try the best to give me the info but because of I speak English and they speak Japanese I difficult  understand their word
To handle this problem fortunately I have the solution from Jakarta I have printed schedule of trains and the destination I want to visit.my suggestions before go to Japan seeing information and guidance from  www.japanguide.com and www.hyperdia.com is very helpful to arrange your trip especially if you solo trip like me.
Tokyo Imperial PlaceMy first destination in Tokyo is Tokyo Imperial place just by walked about 10 minutes I have arrived at Tokyo Imperial palace front gate.to visit the imperial palace we must have permission.to get the permission to visit the imperial palace I have processed it from1 year ago.
All the visitors before followed the tour will be briefed about what allowed to do and not during the tour for every group will be assisted by a guide from the Imperial palace the first building we pass is the entrance gate and then a white beautiful white castle.during about 1 hour trip we also see The Nijubashi bridge this is the famous bridge which appear in many travelling books and postcard.many of my tour group took selfie in this spot.imperial palace garden is the most favourite site in palace during my trip we can see cherry flower blossom full even the guide has asked us to keep walk because many other group tour in line.
Imperial Palace Garden
From Imperial palace I back again to train station and went to Jozoji Temple from Tokyo Train station I took JR Train and just 4 minutes arrived at Hamamatsucho out from the train station and crossed the street and I entered the gate of the temple beside the temple building other important building in here are the big bell and statues of Goddes Kanon even it have be late afternoon people still to come the temple.most of part of the temple has been closed but the main temple still opened and people came and pray at there.
According to the history Zozoji is the old temple built in 1393 and by order of Tokugawa Leyasu the first shogun moved to this place in 1598.because of that we can find Tokugawa mausoleum in this Temple complex.This temple is belong to Jodo sect one of Buddhist sect in Japan.just behind the temple standing Tokyo tower the highest tower in Tokyo.
Sengakuji Temple
Then I continued to sengakuji Temple so I walked back again to hamamatsucho train station and took train to sengakuji temple.out of the station I bit consfused I don’t know the direction and luckily I met a mother with his boy and daughter they help me the way to Sengakuji temple during of walked to the temple when she asked why I wanted to go there I said the main reason is I want to see the final rest of 47 ronin she quite surprise I know the story.i explained before the movie 47 ronin came to the cinema I have read the story of 47 samurai under oishi kuranosuke who avenged the death of their master lord asano Takuminokami of Ako because of lord Kira Hozukenosuke from edo castle harsh attitude to lord asano which make lord asano attacked him.for this action lord asano is punished for seppuku (Japan ritual suicide) and all his family lose the power and all samurais wh working with lord asano be ronin .for samurais who working under Lord Asano this decision is unjustice.
in japan at that era samurais who lost their master are called ronin.at that time ronin is regarded as a failure in society.so they doing this for revenge their master death and to get their honour back.to make their plan goes well they have to patient wait to 1,5 year and finally the can avenge their master death by killing lord kira in his mansion this and bring his head to sengakuji this event happen at December 14, 1702 the shogun government at that time punished death sentence by seppuku for all ronin who involved in the murder.the people regard their bravery and sacrifice and in and to honour them built a temple and put their bodies in there later the tample called sengakuji temple and their story told generation to generation.we parted in the gate of the temple.i see my watch and it has been 5.00 PM very late to see the temple.but because I have been in here why not come and see the inside.to my surprise I didn’t anyone.firsy I see the main temple which totlally closed then I moved other part there is a statue of oishi kuranosuke standing.in the left of part of the temple is the the grave of 47 ronin.in December every year there is festival which held in Senagkuji temple to commemorate the 47 ronin I saw their grave and took the photos and then left to my last place visit today
at 5.20 PM I took the train to higashi ginza station.just out from the station I am now at the front of Kabuki Theatre building after I bought the ticket for 1 hour show cost 1000 yen .i entered the building and took the flyer I read kabuki perform almost everyday and we can choice what time and what story we want to see.after took the lift I and other tourist in que line again before we can entered the theathre.for tourist who want to know the story line from Kabuki in English and other languages they can borrow translate device from Kabuki counter the price about 700 yen.at 5.50 PM we entered the theatre.what I can say about the theatre is so big can accommodate many hundreds audience and the lighting,stage,interior is very good international qualification.the staff are professional before the show begin we are allowed to took the picture but after the show begin we are not allowed to photo or recording the show.i can’t tell about the show the artist using Japanese language if you not have good Japanese language skill or borrow the translate device like me you will not understand the story.
Theatre Building
After the performance finish which followed by big applaus from the audience I and some other tourist left the theatre but other tourist still in the theatre to watch the next performance.after exit from Kabukiza theatre I took some photos of the Thaetre Building and back again to Higashi-Ginza station from there I went to Tsukiji station.my first night in Tokyo I stay in business Hotel ban in Tsukiji.the problem is at that time not many people I can met at the street to ask the hotel direction.fortunatelly I met a guy name Shota he help me found the hotel.during our way to the hotel we had chit chat he said he has been to Bali about 2 year ago and in this year he will accomapany his friends who will have wedding in Bali.I said if you go to Indonesia please contact me
About 8 PM I arrived at Business hotel Ban and we parted after check in and placed all my belonging in the room I went out to have dinner around 8.30 PM before took a rest I have little chit-chat with the hotel staff he is an old man but still fit he explained the way to tsukiju fish market which is not so far from the hotel after that I back to my room and took rest tomorrow I have to get up early if I want to see Tsukiji Fish market auction.
Businees Hotel Ban
3-17-10 Tsukiji,Chuo-Ku,Ginza/Shinbashi/Tsukiji,Tokyo,Japan,104-0045
Hotel Contact Number : 0081335438411
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