Youth Pledge Museum

Youth Pledge Museum


youth-pledgePeople say the future of a nation on the shoulder on the youth.that is true many great leaders came from the youth with their spirit,knowledge they gave big contribution for their country.Indonesia can get the independence because the role of youth.there is a museum which be the witness of Indonesia unity named Youth Pledge museum.
I visited Yoyh Pledge Museum On July 31,2011 in the front I saw tables and chairs entered the museum we will see busts of Indonesia Movement Leaders,Indonesia map,Flag,Emblem from youth movement organization in the of Youth Congess in 1928 and other
The beginning of Indonesia path to be united nation began on 1928 precisely on October 27-28,1928 at the second youth congress.
this house used to a dormitory for students who studied in Batavia (old name of Jakarta) during dutch rule in Indonesia many movement leaders who gave great impact to Indonesia way to independence were living in this house like Muhammad Yamin,Aboe Hanifah,Amir Sjarifuddin,Soegondo Djojopoespito,Setiawan,Soejadi,Mangaradja Pintor,A.K. Gani,Mohammad Tamzil dan Assaat dt Moeda
the building can be divided into main building and pavilion main building consistsfront porch,one guest room,5 room and one open space or meeting room for pavilion it has 2 room.
collections of the museum are original chair,table,photos of young men activities,organization flags,stamps,painting,old vespa,original biola belong to Indonesia Raya song writer WR Supratman,bust of young movement leaders,inscription of youth pledge 1928 on the wall

I visited youth pledge day on July 31,2011 photo gallery

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