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Mojokerto June 14,2014


On June 14,2014 during my trip in East Java Province I Visited Brahu Temple,Wringin Lawang Temple, Bajang ratu Temple and Majapahit Museum at Trowulan then continued to Tikus Temple and back to Jakarta from Jombang Train station
dsc_0879-candi-brahuthe first place I visited was Brahu Temple this temple is in Jambu Mente hamlet,Bejijong village,Trowulan Districts,Mojokerto district right in front of East Java Province Archeological and historical site office near Mojokerto-Jombang Highway.
from research this temple is predicted from 15 th century and built by Majapahit Kingdom.length 18 x 22,5 m and heighth 20 m made from red brick.
dsc_0929-candi-wringin-lawangfrom Brahu Temple I went to Wringin lawang temple this temple has another name Jatipasar temple.it is on Wringinlawang Village,Japtipasar Village,rowulan Districts,Mojokerto District only 200 meter from Kilometer 11 Mojokerto-Jombang size 13 x 11.50 meter and 15.50 m height
dsc_0955-museum-trowulanbeside visiting temple we also visited Trowulan museum I this museum we can see cultural property from Majapahit kingdom mostly and other kingdom in East java province like Singhasari,Kediri,kahuripan.this museum was officialy opened in 1987 in here wen see statues,stone inscription,ceramic.
dsc_0987after seeing around the museum we had the lunch at Bu Tin Food stalls near the museum this food stall is famous for wader fish menu wader is small fish and the specialty food from Trowulan not complete visiting trowulan if not taste Wader fish.
dsc_0994-candi-bajang-ratuFrom Trowulan Museum I went to the next temple name name Bajangratu Temple on Kraton Village,Temon Village,Trowulan Districts,Mojokerto Districts about 3,5 KM from Wringinlawang temple which we just visited the temple is predicted was built in 13 th century with length 6.74 m and height 16,1 m.Wringin Temple lawing is believed for King Jayanegara who died at 1328 M
The Last place I visited is Tikus Temple on Dinuh Village,Temon Village ,Trowulan Districts,Mojokerto Districts Tikus Temple the smallest from all Temple I visited on the day.the temple was discovered by farmers on 1914
dsc_1081-stasiun-jombangwe returned to Jakarta by train from Jombang Train Station
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