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Ijen Mountain


ijen-2I visited jen Mountain which located in east Java Province on March 20,2011.ijen mountain is located in two District banyuwangi and bondowoso.
from Jakarta I took train to Surabaya then took another train to Jember from there with car rent I visited Banyuwangi and Bondowoso before going to Ijen Mountain.
we arrived in Ijen at evening we stayed at Ijen Villa and resort in the morning we with the car went to Ijen Mountain.
around 1,5 hour from Ijen Resort to Ijen Mountains.
from the starting point to location it need about 1,5 hour by walk to arrived at the location along the way we met sulfur miners they bring heavy suphurs on their shoulder. I tried to carry the sulphurs on my shoulders buit it very heavy.
I also see ijen crater the water colour on the lake was green.when we visit here be sure to wear health mask the smell of sulfur is very strong here especially I you down to bottom the place where sulphur miner take the suphur.
sulfur miner is hard work they bring sulfur weight about 70 kilogram and more with long walking from the mining sulfur to collection place.

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