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2016-30-6--22-17-42Just in opposite side of Istiqlal Mosque the biggest Mosque in Indonesia and ASEAN countries we can see another tall religious building Cathedral church.
Cathderal church was buil for Catholic flowers there is a long history of the church the first church was inaugurated in February 1810 but in July 27,1826 the church was burnt along with 180 houses around it.in May 31 1890 the church also was collapsed.After these incidents catholic community and Hindia Belanda government decided to build new church in the same ground
The construction began in the middle of 1891 the architect was clergyman Antonius Djikmans,SJ the work continued by Engineer MJ hulswiit and supported by Bishop Mgr E.S Luypen SJ who collect funds to built the church.in 1910 Cathedral church has been completed the inaugurated ceremony was held by Bishop E.S.luypen in April 21,1901 and the cathedral got the official name “De Kerk Van Onze Lieve Vrowe Ten Hemelopneming –Santa Maria Chuch raised to heaven because the church have Cathedra (Bishop Crown)
Cathedral Church became very famous in 1970 Paul Paulus VI visited Cathedral Church and followed by Paus Yohanes Paulus II in 1989
I visited Cathedral church in September 16,2015 in the from the outside I saw tree tall tomer every tower has name there are Trunk tower,Daud Fortress Tower and Angelus Dei Tower in the main door I saw Virgin Mary statue and in cathedral ground standing Kristus satatue when I entered the cathedral I amazed with beautiful interior it look like church in Europe no wonder many couples have their wedding in this church
There are museum located in second floor the museum has collections lke Trophy and chasuble of Paus Yohanes Paulus II,Replica rhectory,shepherd crook of Paus Paulus VI,Stamp,paintings from banana tress by Kusni Kasdut and many more


Kathedral Street No.7 B Jakarta (Across Istiqlal Mosque)

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