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Bank Mandiri Museum


Kota tua in English call Old city in Jakarta is one of the famous tourist destination in Jakarta in here there are many old building aged hundreds year from Dutch era in Indonesia.
Bank Mandiri museum is one of them the building used to Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM) company a dutch trading company later entering banking business.the building began constructed in 1929 by 3 Ducth architect J.J.J de BruynA.P. Smits and  C. van de Linde
after Indonesia independence the company and building is nationalized into Indonesia company named Bank Koperasi Tani & Nelayan (BKTN) then changed to Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia (BankExim) in 31 Desember 1968 in 1998 Exim bank,Dagang Negara Bank,Bumi Daya Bank and Pembangunan Indonesia bank (bapindo) joined into one big bank named Mandiri Bank later the building changed into museum.
beside the museum has nice architecture style Classic Deco (Niew Zakelijk)the collections are good we can see securities,ancient currency from Indonesia,Europe other countries,lockbox,mechanical money counting machines,old calculators,accounting machines,printing machines,press tools bundle,seals press,safe deposit box,deposit slips,checks,bomd and stocks

Addres :
Jl. Lapangan Stasiun No. 1, Jakarta Barat
Visit time
Tuesday-Sunday: 09:00 Am -04:00 PM
Monday and public holiday closed