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China Trip Tibet October 29-Nov 1


October 29
in the morning with Travel agent car we left Lhasa to Mount Everest Basecamp this is very long journey if right on the schedule we will arrived at Rongpuk monastery the highest monastery in the world evening at October 30 stay at there and in the morning climbing up to Mount Everest Base Camp and seeing the Everest mountain from far.and have time in up abourt 1 hour after that we will going down and back to Lhasa.it si predicted we will arrive again in Lhasa at Nov 1 During the journey we see Tibet Landscape which dominated by high plain,big and wide river with blue tosca colour,hordes of Yak
Places Of Interest
1.Gyantze Dzong Fortress
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Before reached our Hotel for today in evening we arrived at old fortress name Dzong Fortress.this Fortress is famous for heroic story in 1904 there was big battle between British forces against Tibet People who defended Gyangtze City in Dzong Fortress.The battle took long time and cost many lives from both side.The defender of the city using all the have from old rifle,obsolete cannons,even sword and arrows against modern army.in the most of all the defenders are died.to honour the spirit and heroic action of Tibet People people aso call Gyangtze City as Hero City.
October 30

Places Of Interest
1.Tushilunpo Monastery
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in the morning we visited Tushilunpo Monastery.in Tibet there are 2 most important City Lhasa as the centre for political and government seat lead by Dalai Lama who stay in Potala Palace and Gyangtze as the centre of Religious affair where Pinchen Lama as the leader and stay at Tushilunpo Monastery. Tushilunpo with other 6 monasteries in Gelugpa sect (or Yellow Hat Sect) in Tibet is regarded as the most important monasteries. if we see the year of building Tushilunpo was built in near time with Sera,Drepung monastery and Johkang temple in Lhasa that is not strange because it is founded by First dalai lama in 1447 later  continued by his students including The fourth and successive Panchen lama same with potala palace beause of the big size of the building complex we can see Tushilunpo monastery from far away.Entering the complex we can enter different building which function as the shrine or tomb for previous Panchen lama,same like in Potala Tushilunpo monasteries also have the the chambers from previous pinchen lama.Pilgrim everyday came to Tushilunpo Monastery to pray Tushilunpo monastery is famous for its Thangka Wall consists of nine Floors high and was built by The First Dalai Lama in 1468 in Thangka wall we can see Clour images of Buddha.the biggest Buddha statue in Tushilunpo is Maitreya Buddha inside Maitreya Chapel it has 26,2 metres high and is covered with gold, copper, pearl, amber, coral, diamond and other precious stones.

Admission Fee: CNY 80 (May 1-Oct.31); CNY 40 (Nov. 1-Apr. 30)

Opening Hours: 09:00 to 17:00(closed for lunch from 12:00 to 14:00)

Recommended Time for a Visit: Three hours
2. Mount Everest Base Camp
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From Tushilunpo Monastery we continued our Journey to Mount Everest Base Camp but in Mount Everest Check point The officers in there did’nt allowed us to continue to Rongpuk Monastery at the foot of Mount Everest Mountain.because of bad weather,hard snow and almost zero temperature.they did that as concern for our safety.so we stayed at closest hotel and waiting the latest news if tomorrow the condition is better we will go up but if not we will back to Lhasa. unfortunately the nexyt day Nov 31 the situation is not better and we can’t continue to go up so we decided back to lhasa and we arrived again in Lhasa on Nov 1 Mt. Everest Nature Reserve Area) Admission Fee: CNY 180 (Mt. Everest Nature Reserve Area)

* From Nov. 1st, 2015 to Mar. 31st, 2016, the admission fee will be adjusted to CNY 90.