China Trip Tibet October 28

China Trip Tibet October 28


Places Of Interest
1.Potala Palace
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This is the most visit Place in Tibet.for hundreds year Potala palace has been the centre of Religious and Government Tibet Empire era Kings of Tibet Stayed  here began from the 32 th King King songtsen Ganpo who built this Palace until the 42 Th king the Last king of Tibet Empire and continued later by Dalai Lama from  Dalai Lama 5th. People cal this palace as the highest palace in the world stand in 3,767.19m (12,359.55ft) above sea level on red hill and easy to see from all directions from Lhasa City. King Songtsen Ganpo Built this palace for his lovely bride from Tang dynasty Princess Wencheng at that time the palace has Thousand rooms and need many workers and some years to finish it. Potala palaces I divided into 2 part White Palace for Political affairs and also the living place for Dalai Lama and red Palace for religious affairs. Entering the Palace we will see Chambers from Previous dalai Lama,Their Statues,Their Writings,The books in their personal library,and their Tombs. Important spot in here is a natural cave which King Songtsen Gampo used to meditated later this Cave is given name as Dhrma Cave .inside the cave which made into shrine we will see the statues of King Songtsen Gampo with His wife Princes Wencheng from China ,Princess Brikhuti from Nepal. May 1 to October 31: CNY 200;

November 1 to April 30: CNY 100

Tips: Only 4000 tickets are issued each day and about 100 tickets are issued every 20 minutes.

Opening Hours:

08:40 to 17:00 (visitors are not allowed to enter at 16:00)

* Tickets are sold from 08:40 to 16:

2.Johkang Temple
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The history of Johkang Temple began when Princess Brikhuti from Nepal asked King Songtsen Gampo to build another temple to Shrine Sakyamuni Buddha statue which he brought from Nepal to Tibet.When Married King Songtsen Gampo Princess Wencheng brought Sakyamuni Buddha Aged 8 year Old and Princess Brikhuti Brought Sakyamuni Buddha Age 12 year Old. Like Potala Palace,drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery Johkang Temple also is  listed as UNESCO Heritage List. main attraction in Johkang temple is Sakyamuni Buddha Statue age 12 Year in the main hall this statue is gilded wih gold which bring by pilgrims. Admission Fee: CNY 85

Opening Hours: 07:00 to 12:00, 15:00 to 18:30


Bus Route: As the Temple is in the downtown centre you can just walk there.

3.Barkhor Street
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Exit From Johkang Temple and just walk a while we will arrive at the centre Barkhor Street.this street is very famous for tourists who looking for Tibet Original Souvenirs. in the left and right side of the street we easily find Shops which sells ‘Thangka’ (the Tibetan scroll painting),tea,Bracelet,necklacle,clothes,fabric.fur hat, prayer wheels, long-sleeve ‘chuba’ (the Tibetan people’s traditional clothes), Tibetan knives and don’t forget to taste Yak meat in Tibet restaurants and other Tibet Traditional food during your stay in Tibet bit spicy but ok.