China Trip Pingyao October 14,2015

China Trip Pingyao October 14,2015


Brief Introduction

Pingyao is another old city in China in Ming (1368-1644) And Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)era Pingyao was playing important role as business wonder because in this small city there were many more large trading shops in here compare to other city in China. When we walking in this city we will see many China Traditional house which still use as shops,residence,guesthouse. Places Of Interest
1.Qiao Compound
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In Pingyao and around there Compounds some of famous are Wang,Qiao,Cao,Chang And Qu Compounds.compound in china is refer to residence of a welthy merchant.
when we see  a compound  we will amazed by the grandeur compound has hundreds rooms like Qiao compound which we visisted has 313 rooms, six main courtyards, twenty smaller courtyards,this complex covers an area about 8,274 square meters (about two acres) with a construction area of 3,870 square meters (about one acre).
The History of Qiao Compound began in 18th century when Qiao Guifa met his business Partner Qin and after years of hardwork together they become succesfull In Qiao compound we can see Stone mill,Ancestral Temple,two important tablet from Qing General Li Hongzhang named ‘ren zhou yi fu’ (1832-1901)to praise Qio Family where they donated 400,000 taels of silver (705,479 ounces) towards a warship  to support Qing Dynasty against invaders Another important tablet is from Empress Dowager CIxi named ‘fu zhong lang huan’ as gratitude when Qiao Family gave money about 400,000 taels of silver (705,479 ounces) to Empress Dowager Cixi who arrived in Pingyao after left Beijing which was annexed by allied army
The famous Movie ‘Raise the Red Lanterns ‘which star Gong Li also was shotting here. How To get there Qioa Compound is quite far from city centre there is bus stop near the entrance gate but if you hurry better like me took taxi from Pingyao Train station to here Admission Fee CNY 40

2.Zhenguo Temple
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From Qiao Compound we went to Zhenguo temple this temple has been existed since Northern Han Dynasty (951 – 979) later in Qing dynasty (1644-1911) it was renovated. the important building in here is Tianwang Hall in here we can see bell tower,one drum tower,we alos can see Ten-Thousand-Buddha Hall and at the back of temple we can see Kwan-yin (Goddess of mercy) Shrine and the Dizang (God in charge of death) Shrine Admission Fee: CNY30 per person How To get there Transportation: Take Pingyao public bus no.9 to the final stop and you are at Zhenguo Temple. Bus Fare: CNY3 per person.

3.Ancient Ming-Qing street
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when we visit Pingyao don’t forget to visit Ancient Ming-Qing street in this big area we will see Traditional China House which used as teashop, cloth shop, salt shop, silk shop, general merchandise shop, hockshop, exchange shop,guesthouse,restaurants and museum.
in Qing era this area is busy business centre where sellers and buyers did business transaction here no wonder they call this street as Wall street from China.
the need for safety delivery services for goods made escort services goods was created in Pingyao we can see Escort company building with their things.

Admission Fee for tourist who want to see some historical buildings and have more time better buy inclusive ticket price 150 CNY with that they can visit 20 scenic spots of North City Gate, South City Gate, County Yamun, Rishengchang Exchange Shop, the Temple of the City God, and Military Arts House, Local Resident Houses, Baichuantong, Xietongqing, Changshengwei. How To get here take a coach from the south side of Taiyuan Train Station.
The two hour journey to Ping Yao costs CNY 10. While in Ping Yao, you can choose either to take a kind of rickshaw provided for visitors or you can make you way around on foot.

4. Rishengchang Exchange Shop
New Image 21the first Chinese Exchange shop was built in 1823 at Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) era.the reason to buid this because in Qing Era they use silver coin as money.when businessman must travel from one city to another to make deal they must bring much silver coin with them this become unsafe because along the road many bandits who will try to rob their money which make the businessman must bring along many guards with them which make such journey expensive.
Rishengchang Exchange Shop solving this problem when a businessman want to travel for business and must bring much money they just  need to go to Rishengchang Exchange Shop stored their money there and they will get a cheque with seal which confirm amount of the they just brought the letter and when arrive at their destination just go to other Rishengchang Exchange Shop branch and cashed the cheque and they will get their money.
in their glorious time Rishengchang Exchange Shop has 32 branches in China major cities. How To get there Ringchengsheng Exchange shop is located in Ancient Ming-Qing Street we can walk to get here

5.Pingyao Ancient Wall City
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Like old City in the past Pingyao because of it important role as business centre has wide and thick wall to defend the city from invaders.the height of the wall is about 12 meters and eguipped with watchtowers and battlements.tourists who want to walk along the road on the wall can take stairs to up.from here we can see the view of Pingyao. How To get there Pingyao City Wall is close with Ancient Ming-Qing strett we can just walk to g here.


I didn’t stay at Pingyao but in Xian.from Pingyao Train Station I Took fast train to Xian

Pingyao ancient town Train station -D2251 (fast Train) 4.38 PM-Xian (07.45 PM) cost 150 CNY/USD 23

Xian Shu Yuan Youth Hostel

No.2 Jia,Shuncheng West lane,City Centre,Xian,China 710002 Cost IDR 375,860

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