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China Trip October 23, Chengdu


Brief Introduction
When we talk Chengdu what will come into our mind usually people will say Panda.even in reality Panda not only live in Chengdu but in other areas at Sichuan Province.beside panda Chengdu also have historical buildings anf temples which are worth to visit. When I went To Tibet On October 26 My flight is from Chengdu

Places Of Interest
1. Wuhou Temple (Memorial Temple of Marquis Wu)
New Image 11I am sure Every people familiar with the Story Romance Of Three Kingdoms which dated around 2 Century after the collapsed of Han Dynasty in China which trigger Civil war for hundreds year.some of The important figure are Emperor Liu Bei,Zhuge Liang,General Guan Yu from Shu Kingdom and Cao Cao from Wei Kingdom this story has made into books,novel and films Wuhou Temple was built to honour Zhuge Liang the brilliant strategist and Prime minister of Shu Kingdom when we entered this temple we will see Ministers and generals statues  who support Shu Kingdom against Wei and Wu.this temple was built next to Emperor Liu Bei Transportation:

take no. 1, 57, 82, 334 and 335 to get off Wu Hou Ci Station.

Admission Fee: CNY 60

Opening Hours: 08:00 to 18:00

2.China Sichuan Opera
New Image 3
if in Beijing I have seen Beijing opera later in Chengdu I saw another opera name Sichuan opera.whta I can see after see Sichuan opera it is very different from Beijing Opera if in Beijing Opera they took story from legend and historical event like story of Xiang Yu and his concubine who suicide after defeated by Liu Bang later first Emperor of Han Dynasty or the Snake white lagend which tell the love story of Bai Su Zhen a White snake spirit and Xu Xian a scholar.

In Sichuan opera when I was see it their story is about an opera artist who got his face burned by his opponent who jealous of him.because of the condition he disappeared from his fiancée after his opera master found him and persuaded him to came back he can regain his happiness with his fiancée and learn the art of Changing faces.

The main attraction of this opera is when performers wearing masks changing the masks very fast from from red to white, then from white to black.it is very interesting how they can change 10 or more masks lee than 1 minute

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