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China Trip Beijing October 9,2015

The palace for Ming and Qing Dynasty
Forbidden City

Brief Introduction

Beijing has important role for China not onlty because this is the capital of China People Republic but also the most populated,the biggest and centre for International trade.

Beside that  since  hundreds year ago Bejing playing the role of central Government began when Yuan Dynasty in 13 th century make this city as their capital name Dadu,when Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 ) took over China from Yuan Dynasty the third Emperor of Ming Dynasty Emperor Yongle moved the capital from Nanking to here and gave the new capital name  Beijing.he is also build The Forbidden city who become the royal palace for two dynasties Ming later Qing (1644-1911 )

In Beijing we can see many historicl building,performances and modern entertainment
Places Of Interest

1.Forbidden City
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Just pass the through the gate near Tiannamen Tower we can go to Forbidden City.this is the most famous visited place tourist in China together with Great Wall.everyday thousands of Tourists locals and international visit this Huge Palace complex.the history of this palace bagan in 1407 when the Third emperor of Ming Dynasty Emperor Yongle bagan the construction of this palace which were employed thousands of workers and artist and can be finished 14 year later.Since that 13 Ming Emperor and 10 Qing Emperor ruled china from this palace.
For Toursist after they bought the ticket at ticket office in front of Meridian Gate (Wumen) they will entered the gate and  begin to explore the Palace.for tourists only Meridian Gate is open they can’t enter Forbidden palace from other gate.and they will exit from Gate of Divine Prowess (Shenwumen) or East Prosperity Gate (Donghuamen or East Prosperity Gate (Donghuamen).
If we want to visist all buidings and rooms in Forbidden city it will cost many time even 1 day full tour still not enough if we only have limited time,visit these places can represent all.

1.Hall Of Supreme Or Called Golden Carriage Palace

In the past Emperors will received high officials and exercised their rule over the nation.this hall alo function to held important ceremonies like the new emperor ascended the throne, emperors’ birthdays, wedding ceremonies and other important occasions such as the Winter Solstice, the Chinese New Year and the dispatch of generals into fields of war.

2.Hall of Central Harmony (Zhonghedian)

as a place for rest for the emperor when he was on his way to hold ceremonies in the Hall of Supreme Harmony. When everything was ready, he would go to the Hall of Supreme Harmony to receive homage. It was here that he consulted with his ministers and officials

3.Hall of Preserved Harmony (Baohedian)

In Ming Era Emperors would change his clothes here before went to ceremonial installation of an empress or crown prince.but in Qing Era it was used to held imperial banguets

4.Palace of Heavenly Purity (Qianqinggong)

This was the sleeping quarters of the emperors inside Forbidden City.

5.Hall of Celestial and Terrestrial Union (Jiaotaidian)

In the Qing Dynasty, on the Qianqiu Festival, the birthday of the empress, the empress held celebrations in it and received worship and congratulations from high-ranked concubines, princesses and other court ladies. On the occasions of the Winter Solstice and the Spring Festival, people also came here to pay their respect for the empress.

6.Palace of Terrestrial Tranquility or Kunninggong)

It was where the empress lived in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). However, after reconstruction in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it served as the nuptial chamber of the emperor and empress and the altar for worshipping the deities of Shamanism.

7.Imperial Garden (Yuhuayuan)
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located outside of the Gate of Terrestrial Tranquility. It was built in Ming Dynasty era this is a private garden for imperial family in this garden we can see Chinese garden stayle.

How To get there

Forbidden city is just few meters from Tiannamaen Square

How to leave:

Exit is allowed only through the Gate of Divine Prowess in the north of the museum, and the East Prosperity Gate.

  1. Leaving from the Gate of Divine Prowess:
  2. Take bus no. 58, 101, 103, 109, 124, 685, Tourist Line 1, or Tourist Line 2 at Gugong (Forbidden City) Station.
  3. Take bus no. 58, 111, or 124 at Jiangshan East Gate Station.
  4. Leaving from the East Prosperity Gate:
  5. Take bus no. 2 or 82 at Donghuamen Station.
  6. Take Tourist Line 2 at Gugong East Gate Station


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