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CandranayaAnother Chinese old architecture in Jakarta which we can find is candranaya Building.the building is located at Gajah Mada Street No 188B hide between high building from Novotel hotel.West Jakarta.
There is no exact date when Candranaya was built but it was predicted at the end of 18 th or 19 th century .khouw Tjoen from Khouw family one of the richest man in Batavia (name of Jakarta during Dutch occupation in Indonesia) who built this building for his residence.later one of his grandson named Khouw Kim An handled important position in Hindia Belanda Government he was a Chinese mayor from 1910-1918 and volksraad member (parliament member in Hindia Belanda government ) from 1921-1931.
After Mayor Khouw Kim an passed away at 1946 this building changed ownership and became one of centre for Chinese social and education called sin  ming hui (light herat foundation) and was used to Chinese activity like school and hospital.in 1957 sin mig hui named changed to candranaya
I visited Candranaya on May 14,2015 I see Chinese ornaments,Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting in the building at the back of the building there is a water pond with fishes in it.two golden frog statue at the corner of water pond.
There a coffe café in the building after seeing the building we can relax ,drink coffe and eat here

Gajah Mada Street No 188B front of Novotel Hotel

Admission ticket : free

Open everyday  

How to get there : public transportation by busway