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Thailand Trip Tiger Temple,Kanchanaburi 2015 October 30,2014


Brief Introduction
From Ayyuthaya by travel bus I went to Kanchanaburi this city is famous for the story of bridge over river Kwai and war monument and museum during world war II.arrived at Tara Raft Kanchanaburi Guesthouse after check in I took tuk tuk to go to Tiger Temple and other places in Kancanaburi Places Of Interest

1.Tiger Temple
New Image 6This is the first I visited this temple has another name Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua.compare with temples in Sukhotai,Ayyuthaya and Si Satchanalai who has history hundreds of year this temple is new founded in 1994 the reason built this temple as forest temple and place to took care of wild animals. Tiger Temple is close from Burma Border from kanchanaburi is about 38 Km northwest along 323 higway and part of Saiyok district.
By rent a car I went to tiger temple around 323 highway we turn and passed a big gate shaped head of tiger from here Tiger Temple is close.after bought the ticket and read the rule visiting Tiger temple I walked into the area.with other tourists we saw bull,peacock horses,deers,buffalos free living here. Near a tree we met volunteers who took care of tigers in here a young tiger is on there.every visitors will have their time to play with tigers and gave them meal before our time we can took the picture from outside.

2.Bridge of River Kwai
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From Tiger Temple I went to Kanchanaburi train station.this station is famous and well known for it relation with steel bridge over river Kwai.everyday trains bring tourist and locals enter and left this station to Bangkok and other city.for tourists who want to feel the experience taking train crossing the legendary bridge over river Kwai can take this train. around the station we can see old locomotives which used in world war II. Just walk few meters from the train station  we wil arrive at Bridge with standing above river kwai.During World War II Japan army built this Bridge and railaway which cost many lives of workers mostly of them are Allied forces held as hostage and forces labors from Asia countries .tourists usually will walking on the railway bridge from here we can see surrounding area. Luke floating restaurants on River Kwai and tall Goddes of Mercy statue on the riverbank.

3.Jeath War Museum
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Open daily: 8.30am – 4.30pm Entry Fee: 30 Th.Baht This is a small museum I found this museum when I was walking to Kanchanaburi momerial park the final resting place of Allied Soldiers who died during Pasific war.look from the road this is look like a common house.after bought the ticket I entered the entrance and saw big old locomotive from World war II with flags of many nations around in this museum we can see statues of leader from world war II from Allied Sides (USA,British,USSR,China) and Axis side ( Nazi,Italy,Japan ) beside that there are riffles from world war II and maps.in other side statues of Kings from Thailand like King Naresuan and other.in other building inside the museum is a small temple name Wat Chai Chumphon temple. in other building made from woods tourists will see painting of event during building the bridge and railway over river kwai.some stuff from the war like explosives also can be found

4.Kanchanaburi war cemetary
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there are two War cemetaray from world war II in kanchanaburi but the biggest and most visit by tourist is located in front of Thailand –Burma Railway centre a museum about Railway during world war II. according to historians there are 16,000 war prisoners and over 100,000 local labourers died between 1942-1943 in kanchanaburi when they built the bridge and railway in this area. in Kanchanaburi war cemetary which I Visited the are 7,000 allied soldiers from British,US,Australia buried here.there are monument for the fallen soldiers.

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