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Thailand Trip Phuket Nov 4.2014


Places of Interest
1.Phuket Thai Hua Museum
New Image 1Phuket has many old buildings in well preserved condition the old building hundreds years age .some of the old building change into museum,residence and restaurants. one of the museum who give the picture of Phuket in the past.this museum is two storey building and close the main road.this white paint building has the architecture of Sino-Portuguese.this building used to Chinese  language school.now Thai Hua museum beside it main function as museum this place sometime use as Exhibition and function hall for the event. after bought the ticket and got stamp I entered the museum in the fron of the museum I saw to dolls wearing Chinese clothes as size as human. An old piano on the corner.there are rooms in this museum which displays things like paintings,Clothes,Wedding ornaments,Music equipments,photos from display in the walls we can learn many people from Fujian China in the late of 18 th century moved here because of poverty in their home land when they came to Phuket they worked in mining industry.that way Chinese population in Phuket is more than any other city in Thailand. Thai hua Phuket Museum iself is under the management of Kusonsongkhroh Foundation (aka Lok Xian Kok), a charitable organization with a long history dating back to the mining era in Phuket.the reason building this organization are to help Chinese immigrants to get better living condition by building schools and hospitals in Phuket.

Thai Hua Museum
Opening Daily : from 09.00 AM-)5.00 PM
Location: 28 Krabi Road, Phuket Old Town area within walking distance from the famous Soi Romanee and Baan Chinpracha Mansion. Its parking space is open until 17:30 only.
Tel: +66 (0)76 211 224 Price Range: 200 baht per person + 200 baht to take photos
2.Baan Chirapacha Museum
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Another Museum which good to see is Baan Chirapancaha Museum seeing the architecture we can guess it have China and western stayle.Mr Phra Pitak Chinpracha built this mansion in 1903 later his eldest son Mr Pracha Tandavanitjand his wife mrs. Jaroonrat ‘Daeng’ Tandavanitj inherited this mansion. this museum open for public inside the house we can see old ceramics,paintings and ceramic tile from Italia the owner of this house keep all same like before and take care this house well. Baan Chinpracha, at 98 Krabi Road in Phuket, is a fine example of a Sino-Colonial mansion and is just a few doors away from the famous Blue Elephant Restaurant. Visitors not only will have a sneak peek of how a wealthy Phuket family used to live many decades ago but they can meet its owner too.
Jaroonrat ‘Daeng’ Tandavanitj and her late husband, Pracha Tandavanitj, inherited this elegant building from his father, who in turn was the eldest son of the original owner, Phra Pitak Chinpracha, who built it in 1903. The owner opens most of her house to the public such as two upstairs bedrooms, the kitchen and all of the ground floor area. She has managed to keep this beautiful house in fine condition including the vintage Italian floor tiles, some original furniture that was imported from Europe and China and many old pictures belonging to the Tandavanitj clan. Baan Chirapancah has become the spot for famousfilms like Heaven and Earth which tell the love story of a Vietnamese Girl with a US Soldier.the tv series ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’ also filmed here.

Opening Hours: From 09:00-16:30.
Private functions are also welcome. It is closed on Sundays. Location: 98 Krabi Road. It’s only a few doors from the Blue Elephant Restaurant
Tel: +66 (0)76 211 167 and +66 (0)76 211 281

3.Blue Elephant Resturant
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Just walk and around 10 minute we will arrive at Blue Elephant Restaurant.actully we can find blue restaurants in other 12 countries beside Thailand.but this is the first restaurant. Blue Restaurant focus on Royal Thai cuisine so for tourist who want to taste how is Royal Thai Cuisine it is better eat here.
Blue Elephant Restaurant Opening Hours: Open daily 11:30 – 14:30 and 18:30 – 22:30
Location: 96 Krabi Road, Phuket Town.
Tel: +66 (0)76 354 355 – +66 (0)76 354 357