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Thailand Trip Introduction


Thailand is one of from 10 ASEAN (Association Of East Asian nation) countries which members Are Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapore,Philipine,Laos,Brunai Darussalam,Cambodia,Vietnam and Myanmar.This Country border is Myanmar,Cambodia,Laos and Malaysia. Thailand Capital is Bangkok and the biggest city in Thailand and also the centre of political power.

History The history of Thailand is long record say at that time there are many Kingdoms in Thailand but the first Kingdom who has great power in Thailand first is Sukhotai later Ayyuthaya Kingdom rose to power and took control over from Sukhotai in 14 th century. Ayyuthaya Kingdom became the strong kingdoms but in 17 Th century Burma  attacked and defeated Ayyutthaya later Chakri Dynasty rose and lead Thailand until now

Reasons To Visit Thailand
1.History : Visit Sukhotai,Ayyuthaya,Si satchanalai,Bangkok,Chiang Mai  where they can see hundred years of Temples and Palaces
2.Nature : Visit Phuket,krabi they have beautiful beach with clear blue water and for tourrists snorkling and divers many spot in these islands which good
3.Shopping : Bangkok is the good place where you buy many things with reasonable price
4.Culinary : Thailand has many delicious food Toom Yang goong is one of it but there are other food and deinks which also delicious so when you go to Thailand don’t forget to taste it 5.Culture :There are many different kinds of Folk song,Traditional dances in Thailand when you go to Chiang Mai or Chiang rai can enjoy Their dance which dated from Lanna kingdom and minority Tribes  who living in border between Thailand and Laos like Long Neck Tribe,Hmong People and other. In Phuket we can see Phuket Fantasea or Siam Nirait show which tell the History,culture of Thailand There is Siam Niramit Show also in Bangkok

Currency 1 USD =36.231 Baht

Visa For ASEAN Countries Paspport Holder they don’t need Visa to enter Thailand this regulation apply to all ASEAN Countries where the citizen from one ASEAN countries can visit other ASEAN Countries without VISA

Communication in Thailand there area many Telecomunication Companies which give good voice and internet service name of the operators are CAT,DTAC,Truemove,TOT3G,MYby CAT

Transportation many Airline operators have have flight schedule to Thailand usually Tourist will go to Bangkok or Phuket Airport or tourist can take land transport by bus from Malaysia,Cambodia or Laos during the trip in Thailand if you move from 1 city to another city better take bus or Train for transportation inside the city you can take TAXI or Tuk Tuk

Hotel/Gusthouse the price from USD 15 depend on location and facility

These are my travelling stories From October 24-Nov 4,2014  where visited Chiang Mai,Chiang Rai,Golden Triangle,Sukhotai,Si Satchanalai,Ayyuthaya ,Kanchanaburi,Bangkok And Last Phuket