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Thailand Trip Erawan National Park-Bangkok October 31,2014


Places of Interest
1.Erawan National Park
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I Left Kanchanaburi in the morning I went To kanchanaburi erawan National Park this location is out of kanchanabri city and quite far to go here I have checked to Kanchanaburi train station and Kanchanaburi Bus station but the the schedule to go there is not early morning so I took a car from the bus station to go there. the main reason tourists visit Erawan National park is to visit the beauty of Erawan Waterfall.generallty Waterfalls are consist of 1 or 2  levels but in Erawan we can see 7 levels waterfall . I arrived at 8.21 in there the ticket booth just open and only few visitors with me who have been there better came eraly if we arrived at noon this place will be very crowded.to go to the entrance the first waterfall we can took small car or walk because thisis national park during the walk we sometime we will see monkey,bird . arrived in first waterfall I continue to number 2 and the last number 7.tourist not only can took the photo of the waterfall but also can swim .

2.River cruise along Chao Phraya River
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From Erawan Waterfall I took shuttle car to Bangkok after took a rest a while then I went To a mall close to Chao Phraya river where boat for river cruse was docking. there different companies who have this tour follow the announcement don’t wrong board to wrong ship because of many passengers and condition the mall can confuse the passenger.Bangkok is very crowded especially at rush hour after working hour so better left eraly from your hotel to get here. The river cruise began at 7.20 PM the service was good the waiter will bring us to our seat  we can chose sat inside the boat or ship deck if no rain better if we sat at deck we can take photos buildings around the river like Wat Arun, Grand Palace with Wat Pra Kaew – The Temple of the Emerald Buddha,and other buildings. during the cruise passengers also will be entertained with band performance,Singer and Thai Traditional dance which make the atmosphere lively. one of the company who organize river cruise is
Grand Pearl Cruise
Office 123-125 Soi Charoennakhorn 13, Charoennakhorn Rd., Klongtonsai, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600
Tel: (662)-861-0255 EXT. 5 Fax: (662)-861-0445-6

Buddy Boutique inn
62 Chakrapong Road Taladyod,Pranakorn ,Khaosan/Grand Palace ,Bangkok,Thailand Telp : +6622822831