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Thailand Trip Chiang Rai October 26,2014


in the morning we left Chiang Mai and rode to Chiang Rai City.after Chiang Mai this is the second biggest city in northern Thailand. same Like Chiang Mai this city also was founded by King Mangrai from Mangrai Dynasty in 1262 CE and became the capital.Chiang Rai is closer to Golden Traingle which border 3 nation Thailand,Myanmar and laos From Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai is 200 KM from Chiang Mai City and from Chiang Rai to Maekhong River and Golden Traingle is 80 KM so it is far and long journey.

Places Of interest
1.Chiang Rai Hot Spring
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Hot Spring is nature Phenomena where a significant amount of dissolved minerals in a water temperature warmer than 98F out of earth surface.becuse of large minerals hot spring contain it has functions to cure illness. in Chiang rai there are more than 5 Hot Spring and during our rode to Golden Triangle we stop at Wieng Pa Pao hot spring this is located on highway 1019 between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.Tourists can take break here there are rstaurants,food stalls and market which sells souvenirs like T Shirt,Hat,handycrafts,key chain and other.or you can buy egg and boiling it at hot spring.

2.White Temple
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this temple has another name Wat Rong Khun in Thailand Language mean White Temple.this Buddha temple was built by an artist name Chalermchai Kositpipat who designed and constructed this temple.this temple first time open for public in 1997 and got many attention from local people and tourists since than White Temple become one of main attraction when visit Chiang Rai. The favorite spot tourist for taking picture is The bridge of “the cycle of rebirth”: which connect main temple building with land,the main building temple itself usually tourist take this as the background for photo.then gate of heaven where 2 big statues of god Death and Rahu. in the main temple we can take picture this is ubosot located this white building is filling with fragments of mirrored glass embedded in the building’s exterior.

3.Long Neck
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The main reason tourists visit Chiang Rai is to see Hill tribes like KarenKaren, Lahu, Hmong, Lisu, Akha, Mien, and Padaung if you have ½ day in Chiang Rai you can take trekking tour to visit hill tribes in their villages which is located on the hill many tour company who have package for Hill Trekking Tibe you can find it at Chiang Mai or Chiang rai city. But If you only have limited time we can go to Hill tribe market in there we can see female from long neck tribe wearing long rings around their neck sell their product from craft bracelets,embroidery crafts,table cloth,clothes and other tourists also allowed to take picture but please ask their permission first

4.Golden Triangle Laos Market
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before entering golden triangle all tourists must report to the officer in the gate they will check our passport and give permit letter which must we keep.for you who using travel agent services it will be easier they who will take care of it.then we will entering boat and down maekhong river one of the longest and biggest river in south east asia.this big river pass three countries Thailand,Myanmar and laos.in the past golden triangle is famous as big producer of drug. during down maekhong river we will see variety of ships and boats sailing on the river bring goods and tourists.according to our guide there is big casino market for tourists in laos right beside the river. We visited Laos market right in side of Maekhong river we don’t need to change our money to Laos Currency name Lao Kip.this market accept both USD and Baht.this market sell variety products from food,bag,shoes,clothes,small statues but one item which we not find in other market is Laos wine.this is kind of liquor where snake,lizard,scorpion and poisonous animal soaked in liquor.Laos people believe this kind of drink is good for health and rise stamina.
5.Wat Phra That Pu Kao

from Laos market we back to land and before we return to Chiang Mai we visisted another temple located on the hill close with Golden Triangle view post where we can see Maekhong river and area of three countries.to go up we will climb stairs with dragon figure.
6.Chiang Mai Night Market My last night in Chiang mai I visited Chiang Mai Night Market.this market open every day they open from evening and close almost dawn the next day.location of this Market is next to Chiang Mai City wall.in this market we not only can buy Souvenirs but also taste Thailand food

for October 25 and 26 I stayed at Lanna House
Lanna House
267 Tha Pae Rd,T.Chang Klan,Muang,Old City,Chiang Mai ,Thailand,50100 Phone : +6653270348

The Next Day October 27 I went To sukhotai by bus in the morning