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Thailand Trip Chiang Mai October 25


In the the second day in Chiang Mai I took Trip from tour agency Places Of Interest
1. Elephant Training Centre
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http://www.maesaelephantcamp.com/en/ one of attractions which many tourist see is Elephant performance for this show many cities in Thailand have especially Bangkok and Chiang mai.in Chiang Mai itself there area many Elephant Training centre. in Elephnat training centre first we will see Elephant Bathing in the river where elephant handler watching them,then tourist can take riding elephant through the forest the duration it depend on the ticket fee.1 elephant is for 2 passenger so if you come alone like me you will get new friend who will ride with you. later tourists will se Elephant Performance begin from Elephant lift log,then Elephant football where elephant kick the ball and the ball enter the wicket.or Elephant playing basketball and with their Trunk enter the ball into net. the most waiting show is Elephant painting where using it trunk Elephant can paint beautiful picture of flower In Chiang Mai we see Elephant Show at
one of Elephant Training centre at Maesa Elephant Training centre There are 3 rounds of the shows: 8:00, 9:40 and 13:30

Maesa Elephant Traing centre
Office: 119/9 Tapae Rd., Muang District, Chiang Mai Thailand 50100 Phone: (+66)5320 6247, (+66)5320 6248 Fax: (+66)5320 6247 Email:info@maesaelephantcamp.com

2.Meo Village
Next we visit Meo Village what we can see in here a small museum which collects clothes and other tools which use by Meo People in the past.during walk we can see Meo people cooking the food

3.Wat Doi Suthep
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This Temple is on our way back to Chiang Mai city centr.This is Buddha Theravada temple and the name of Doi suthep is come from name of mountain where this temple stand. there are two way for visitor to go up to the temple first by climb 309 step or take a tram. according to the legend a monk named Sumaanthera from Sukhotai Kingdom had a dream where he went to Pang Cha and found holy relic from Gautama Buddha’s shoulder bone then he brought the relic to King Dhammaraja, who ruled Sukhothai.who insisted Sumaanthera to keep the relic.then King Nu Naone of Lan Naa asked the monk to bring the relic to him in 1368 with King Dharmmaraja’s permission, Sumanathera brought the relic to King Nu Naone during the journey the relic broke into two pieces 1 pieces enshrined in a temple in Suandok another later by King Nu Naone was placed by the king on back of a white elephant which was released into the jungle the king and his ministers and soldiers followed the white elephant who climbed upĀ  to Doi Suthep mountain and stopped here.the king took this as an omen and built temple in this place now we can see statue of white elephant in this temple ground. another important building is golden mountĀ  yellow pagoda in the middle

4.yipeng festival at mae jo
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in the evening by public transportation I sa lantern festival at Mae Jo this location is quite far from city centre.when I almost arrive at the place I saw many seller was selling lampion to be released at the peak of event thousands lampion were released and fly into space this festival was held around the middle of October

Staying lannna House 267 Thae Pae Rd.T.Chang Klan,Muang,Old City,Chiang Mai.Thailand,50100 Phone : +6653270348 Staying

Lanna House

267 Tha Pae Rd,T.Chang Klan,Muang,Old City,Chiang Mai ,Thailand,50100

Phone : +6653270348