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Thailand Trip Bangkok-Phuket November 2,2014


Places Of Interest

1.Wat Arun
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Early in the morning I left my hotel and by tuk tuk I went to Wat arun this temple has popular name Temple of Dawn many tourists visit Bangkok will not miss visit this beautiful temple.this tempe easy to reach located right in side of Chao Phraya river.the temple name came from name of God in Hindu Religion Aruna which known as the god of dawn even name of the Temple took name of God in Hindu religion wat arun is Buddhist Temple. same like Wat Saket which I visited a day before this temple has existed since Ayyuthaya Kingdom name of the temple in that era is  Wat Makok later when King Thaksin ruled the country name of the temple changed into Wat Chaeng The King also made his Capital close to the temple later in  King Rama I reigned he moved the capital to Bangkok and the temple was forgotten until the next King king Rama II restored the Temple and made the tower up to 70 meter high like we see today. what make this temple is look like shining in when get sun light are colourfull porcelain which adorn the temple body the best time to see this temple is at sunrise,sunset and night.

2.Bangkok Grand Palace
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Then I went to The Grand Palace the residence King of Thailand and seat of the government since 1782 began from King Rama I the founder of Chakri Dyansaty since the reign of king Chulalangkorn (Rama IV) who see The Grand Palace overcrowded he built another palace name Dusit Palace but The Grand palace still playing role as the seat of government of Thailand until Democracy revolution in 1932 which change Thailand into Constitutional monarchy.The Present King King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) live in Dusit Palace but for royal ceremonies and state event  will be held in The Grand Palace. Even the garand Palace opened at 9.00 AM many tourists has qued in front of the Entrance Gate because of the size of the grand complex which very huge it will need much time if we want to visit all buildings and remember some of the buildings still in active use we can’t get into the building. The Important buildings in this complex and always visit or being taken the picture by tourists are 1.Wat phra keaw or the temple of emeralad Buddha this is the royal chapel and the famed Emerald Buddha was stored here 2.Middle Court which located at the centre of Grand palace is the biggest complex there are many buildings in here which function as residential places and Government offices many of royal ceremonies and king coronation took in this place 3.inner court this is far smaller than Middle Court buildings in this complex mostly for the kings and his harems.

3.Wat Pho
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From The Grand Palace I moved to final place I visite during my Stay in Bangkok Wat Pho a Buddhist Temple complex.this temple close from The Grand Palace we can take a walk to go there.this temple is famous for the big reclining Buddha statue many pilgrim pray in the front of the statue beside the big size we can see inside wall of the temple are ha beautiful paintings.

4.Siam Niramit
New Image 26after left Wat Pho I took taxi to Svarnabhumi airport from there I took flight to Phuket I will be staying 3 night 2 day in Phuket I arrived at evening around 6.00 PM and from there I took bus to my hotel 99 old town Boutique guesthouse in Thalang Road then by took a taxi I went to Siam Niaramit Show.there are 2 siam Niramit show 1 in Bnagkok and another in Phuket. this show is very recommended for tourists during the show we will see the history of Thailand many elephants performers support the show Notes : No Camera Allowed

Staying 9
9 old town Boutique guesthouse
99 Thalang Road,Taladyai,Phuket town ,Phuket,Thailand 83000 Phone : +66817974311