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Thailand Trip Ayyuthaya October 29,2014


Brief Introduction
After Visited Si Satchanalai on October 28 the next old city I visited is Ayyuthaya.compare Ayyuthaya with Si satchanali and Sukhotai.Ayyuthaya is bigger and wider no wonder in 17-18 th CE Ayyuthaya is prosperous city in Asia continent because of strategic location which link China,Malay and India this city became big trading city and attracts merchant from all the world for making business here until now we can see ruins of foreogn merchant settlement in Ayyuthaya from Europe and China .in the peak time this city has 1 million population very big sum at that era. From Bangkok this city is about 85 Km to north for Traveller who have limited time they can take one day travel from Bangkok left in the morning and return in Evening.but I suggest you have 2/3 day in Ayyuthaya to explore all historical site in this city. Ayyuthaya glory ened in 1767 when Burma army invaded and burnt down this city after that this city is abandoned and the next ruler of Thailand chose Bangkok as the capital until present.later UNESCO gave this city title as world heritage site.

Places Of Interest
Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Sri Sanphet Rd 08:00-18:00, daily
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This is the biggest and largest temple in Ayyuthaya this temple is easily to distinguished from other temples because of the white colour chedis (thai stlye stupas).from here we can walk to ayyuthaya Imperial palace the location is near.becuse of it location in the past Royal religious ceremonies was held here.

2.Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit
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Sri Sanphet Rd (Next to Wat Phra Si Sanphet). just walk about 5 minute we will arrive at Viharn Phra Mongkol Bopit,it enshrined big Buddha image cast from bronze.

3.Wat Phra Mahathat
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Naresuan Rd (Across the road from Wat Ratburana). This temple complex in the past used to very great with high Prangs ( thai stlye Gopura ) and big Statues because of the fall of Ayyuthaya in 1767 many buildings destoyed and many statues lost heads,arms an old tree where Buddha Statue head is regarded as holy place by thais so for tourist better to kneel before the statue to respect local belief.

4.Wat Ratchaburana
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Naresuan Rd.This temple is very close with my homestay Tamarind guest house just crossing the street I have arrived at the temple many of the buildings in this temple has been damaged.there is one prang in here in good condition at the outer wall of the temple we can see garuda,dragon and good statues. i climbed up to prang and from here I could see area around the temple,inside the prang there is staircase down but I didn’t took it.

5.Wat Phra Ram
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Sri Sanphet Road. 08:00-18:00, daily. in this complex there is ahuge prang surrounded by smaller chedis.this is used to monastery during ayyuthaya kingdom.the monastery is close to the grand palace of Ayyuthaya.King Ramesuan built this monastery for his father king U-Thong cremation.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram
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Southwest off the island on Rt 3413 (take Rt 3263 off the island and turn left onto Rt 3413.). 08:30-17:00 daily.
This big complex consist of many chedis and prang some of it in good condition and some other damaged tourists can climb up and see beautiful view from top

Wat Phanan Choeng
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Bang Pa-in Rd (About 2 km southeast of town, turn south at the road 309 roundabout). 8:30-17:00, daily. in This building we can see big bronze Buddha Statue named Phrachao Phananchoeng”,and predicted built in 1325

Wat Phu Khao Thong
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(About 3 km north of town, west off the Ang Thong Rd).This temple is far different from other temples and monasteries in Ayyuthaya usually temples in Ayyuthaya are consists of one big prang,pagoda or stupa and surrounded by smaller chedis,pagodas but Wat Phu Khao tong is one big white stupa

Wat Yai Chaimongkon
New Image 1Bang Pa-in Rd (1 km east of Wat Phananchoeng). 8:00-18:00, daily.
This temple was built during reign of King U Thong and have one big pagoda we can climb up beside can see better view from top inside the pagoda we can see Sitting Buddha images in corner.we can find a huge chedi where Buddha images in sitting position are waring saffron robes.

Wat Phuttaisawan
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this is also old temple a tall white prang make this temple is easy to see from the road.in the entrance before entering the temple we can see tree statues of King Ramathibodi I the founder of Ayyuthaya Kingdom,King Naresuan who is regarded as the greatest King of Ayyuthaya Kingdom who and King Ekhasotrot.

King Naresuan Monument
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This monument is located right in front of Wat Phu Khao Thong in this monument we can see King Naresuan riding horse in middle ,matchlock and sword in other side

Staying Tamarind Guest House
11 MOO 1 Chikul road ,Ayyuthaya,Thailand