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Pacu Jawi

Pacu Jawi

In my trip to West Sumatera Province from June 4-9 ,2015 beside saw Rumah Gadang West Sumatera Traditional style house in June 6 I also saw Pacu jawi race in Tanah Datar district.
pacu jawi is a traditional attraction.this event held evey year for 4 weeks in 4 Districts are Pariangan,Rambatan,Lima Kaum dan Sungai tarab
the date for the event is different for each year also the location but still in Tanah datar districts.
No body know when the exact date this attraction was created and the first person who inisiated it the first time but all people agree this attraction was made by farmers after Rice harvest.
to relax and entertaining theirself after months take care of Rice field
for you who have visited Madura you will see karapan sapi in Bali they call it Makepung in Bojonegoro people say it Sapi Brujul they almost same but each has different rule and field condition
Rule for Pacu Jawi is a jockey a person who will ride the cow wiil standing on bamboo as a tool he will handle the rope and bite tails of both cow and then run
the winner is the jockey who his cow run the most straight not the fastest co who arrive at finish line
pacu jawi become tourist attrcations who attract many photographers and tourists to come and see the event
Below The Photos of Pacu Jawi June 6,2015 at Tanah Datar which I took

Pacu Jawi
Pacu Jawi

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