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Malang & Blitar Trip January 15-16,2011


For two day I visisted 2 cities  Malang and Blitar located in East Java province,Indonesia.by Night train from Gambir Train Station at Jakarta and stopped at Blitar Train station.

First Day Jan 15,2011
we had breakfast at Soto Bok Ireng at Kelud Street close to Blitar main square.the first place we visited is the first Indonesia Tomb presidenr ir.Sukarno about 4 kilomtre from .Bung Karno famous name for Ir.Sukarno was born in Surabaya East Java Province June 6,1901 and passed away in Jakarta June 21,1970 at 69 year old.
Ir Sukarno with the first vice president Mr.Mohamad Hatta both are known as people wo declared Indonesia independence on August 17,1945.
Ir Sukarno tomb always attract many visitors everday.
Ir Sukarno has gave many contribution for Indonesia he is known as the people who introduced Pancasila as the foundation of nation.
from Ir Sukarno tomb we went to Gebang Palace house of Ir Sukarno parent it is located about 2 KM south from the tomb at Sultan Agung Street No 59 Blitar City.
then we visited Peta Blitar monument.the monument located in front of the previous PETA office now function as Junior High school name SMP 3 and SMPKN 3 Blitar at Soedanco Supriyadi street No.30.
on the monument we can see the statues of Soedanco Supriyadi and his brother in arms who staged uprising against Japan in February 14,1945.
just opposite of the monument we can visit Hero cemtary
from PETA Monument we went to Penataran temple.this is one of the largest temple complex in Java.The temple is located in southwestern slopes of Kelud Mountain at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level.in Penataran Village ,Districts Nglegok,Blitar about 12 Kilometre from Blitar city.
the next temple we visited was Sawentar temple in Sawentar Village Kanigoro Districts,Blitar it about 8 Kilometre from Garum Higway connecting Malang-Blitar the temple was visited by King Hayam Wuruk from Majapahit Kingdom it can be seen in Pararaton book.
The last place we visisted today was Balekambang beach in Banturs Districts 65 kilometre south of Malang city.the beach is favorit destination for local ad tourist .from Balekambang beach through a bridge across the the sea we can walk to a hindu temple right on the centre of Ismoyo island name Pura Luhur Amertha Jati.
we Stayed at Tugu Hotel Blitar
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Second Day Jan 16,2011
in the morning we left the hotel and continue our trip to sempu island we need 3 hour driving by car to arrive at Sendang Biru Beach before we took boat to go to Sempu Island we have to got permission from Perhutani officer (Sempu Island is Nature preserve which is protected by law) only 10 minute from Sendang biru to Sempu Island.but from the island shore to Segara Anakan we need 2 hour trip total time for go and back 4 hour
in the evening we back to Malng Train Station and back to Jakarta
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We stayed at Tugu Blitar Hotel the hotel has many collections of antiques from paintings,ceramics
a historic hotel
+62 342 801 766
+62 342 801 687