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I visited Dieng on July 31-Aug 2,2015 by train from Gambir Train Station,Jakarta arrived at Purwokerto I met my group together we took a bus.from Purwokerto to Dieng is quite long about 7 hour.in first day we visited Pengilon Lake and Semar cave and the last Sikidang crater sikidang means jumping this name is given because the location of crater can move.
returned from Sikidang crater we saw jazz performance at main stage the show began from 8.00 PM until past midnight.because Dieng is high ground about 2.000 meter above sea level eople call Jazz performance at Dieng Festival as Jazz above cloud.
the second day Aug we woke up early about 4.00 Am and began hiking to Sikunir Top and arrived in the top at 5.30 AM at there together with other traveller we are waiting for the sunrise.around 6.20 Am we walked down the hill.
at noon we saw we traditional performances by local artis as they performed kuda lumping,barong dance.
in the evening at 7.00 PM is the main event began from released thousands of lampion to the sky.Aug 2,2016 is the last day of Dieng Culture Festival since early morning Diengs people has prepared for the main event.they dressed in traditional costume and procession to deliver anak gimbal (children with curly hair ) began.
new-image-24cutingt anak gimbal hair is the main attraction of Dieng culture festival usually not have curly hair most of them have straight hair.Diengs believe anak gimbal is th children from quuen Kolodete the protector of Dieng.to make their hair straight again they will held ceremonybefore they held ceremony their parents will ask to their children what gift they want and whatever their children request is the parents must fulfil it it is not granted the children will get sickness which difficul to e cured.
with other thousands tourists we gathered in front of Arjuna Temple the location for Anak gimbal cutting hair during the ceremony we saw anak gimbal were carried by their parents later province officer like governor,famous artist,political figures cutting anak gimbal children

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