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Demak and Kudus Trip December 12,2010


I visited emak  Demak  on December 12,2010 From Semarang by Car rent it took about 1 Hour 20 Minute to get here.
1.Demak Mosque
Demak main tourist attraction is Demak mosque this mosque was built by the first king of Demak Raden Patah (Prince Patah) with the help of wali songo.
Demak Mosque is one of the oldest mosque in Java together with Kudus Mosque (kudus),Cipta Rasa Mosque (Cirebon) the mosque is predicted built in the 15 th century.
the mosque has Javanese Architecture Demak also the first Islam kingdom in Java.
still in the mosque area there are tombs of Sultans od Demak with their families from Prince Patah the first King,Dipati Unus (Pangeran Sabrang Lor he got the name because in 15 th century together with Acehnese Kingdom they fought with Portuquese at Malacca),Sultan Trenggono and
Addres :  Kauman Village, Kelurahan Bintoro, Demak Districts, Middle Java Province 59511
Open Everyday

From Demak I went To Kudus same like Demak Kudus also has historical site

1.Kudus Tower mosque
foto-5-masjid-demakkudusother name Al Manar Mosque )official nama Qudus Al Aqsa Manarat built in 1549 by Sultan Qudus members of Walisanga.
the Mosque mix the architecture of Islam can see in dome,Hindus from Mosque tower which made from red brick has resemblance of Hindu s temple built by Majapahit Kingdom.if you has visited Mojokerto yaou will see similiarity between Brahu Temple with Tower of Kudus Mosque.
Kudus Mosque Tower is 18 meter tall
Addres :  Kauman Village,Kota Districts,  Kudus Districts,Middle Java province
Open Every day

2.Kudus Kretek Museum
foto-2-museum-kretek-kudusThis museum collect many old photos of Cigarette industries in Kudus from beginning 20 th century,cigarette promotion tools,equipments to make cigarette for tourists who want to learn te history of Kudus cigarette industry the must come to the museum .
Address: Getas Pejaten Street No 155, Jati Districts,Kudus District,Middle Java Province
Telp.                       : (0291) 440545 Faks : (0921) 435958
Email                       : museum.kretek@gmail.com
Open Every day     : 07.30 AM- 04.00 PM

3.Kudus Identity Monument
The Monument standing in City Centre it is stylize Kudus Mosque Themonument open Everyday