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Cirebon Trip Day 1 March 31,2016


I visited Cirebon From March 31-April 2,2016 in the first day I visited Palaces in Cirebon began from Kasepuhan Palace followed by Kacirebonan Palace later Kanoman and the last Kaprabonan.
Cirebon Sultanate is the including the three oldest islam kingdom in Java with Demak and Banten.The pioneer of Cirebon Sultanate is village which was built by Prince Cakrabuana son of King Siliwangi from Pajajaran Kingdom with his queen Subanglarang.later this village increasingly crowded later become important hub and under his grandson Sunan Gunung Jati Cirebon become Kingdom
in 1667 Cirebon was divided into 2 kingdom name Kasepuhan with Sultan Sepuh Abil Makarimi Muhammad Samsudin [1677-1703 and Kanoman palace with Sultan Anom Abil Makarimi Muhammad Badrudin [1677-1723) and panembahan Cirebon who built a place for learning Islam known as Kaprabonan later in 1808 a new palace named Kacirebonan with the sultan Carbon I as the first Ruler.
1.Kasepuhan Palace
this is the oldest and the biggest palace from Kanoman,Kacirebonan and Kaprabonan in Kasepuhan palace we can find  has 2 important building Dalem Agung Pakungwati  which built in 1430 by Prince Cakrabuana dan Pakungwati complek built by Prince Mas Zainul Arifin in 1529.
the Palace has 2 building function as Museum in the left wing store Singa Barong chariot the chariot is very special because this is chariot was used  to by Sunan Gunung Jati it means age of this chariot has more than 500 years and in still good condition.painting of King Siliwangi the famous King of Pajajaran father of Prince Cakrabuana,weapons,the right wing museum collect musical instruments.
in the center of palace you will see 2 white tiger statues standing.
Cirebon Trip Kasepuhan Palace

2.Kacirebonan Palace
After Visited Kasepuhan palace I went to Kacirebonan palace.Kacirebonan palace is the youngest palace it was founded in 1808 with the first Ruler Sultan Carbon with the help of Palace guide I see the rooms and collections from keris,sets of musical instruments old Quran,flag of Kacirebonan kingdom,Photos of Kacirebonan Sultan.

3.Kanoman Palace
I continued  to Kanoman palace this palace was built in 1687 as the result of sharing Cirebon Kingdom into 2 Kasepuhan and Kanoman.the first Kanoman is Sultan Anom I  built new palace in this location same with Kasepuhan palace Kanoman palace is located near traditional market.
in Kanoman palace there is a museum where I saw 2 charriot name Paksi naga liman and Jempana.Paksi naga liman has shape as burag mhythical bird with wing and lion head,canons,shields,umbrella

my last place I visisted was Kaprabonan palace actually this is not palace it function as the place for learning Islam
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Photo gallery For Kacirebonan,Kanoman Palace and Kaprabonan